Creating an Executive NewsroomTM

“Creating an Executive Newsroom” is an interactive workshop on how to create content, leverage your content, and communicate your story to the marketplace effectively and efficiently.

During this interactive session, you will learn:

  • What comprises an executive newsroom
  • Why organizations need to rethink their PR and marketing department to include an executive newsroom — or at least elements of one
  • How a well-organized executive newsroom can become a platform for thought leadership

As organizations enhance their marketing efforts to generate new business, one critical tool in today's media world is the "executive newsroom."

With the rise of digital communications, everyone can be their own media company. For organizations and senior executives, learning how to proactively harness and utilize multimedia tools and skills can be a critical differentiator for establishing thought leadership in their industry and community.

Incorporating an executive newsroom in your marketing department will streamline your processes and help you better showcase the value of your firm's story to clients, prospective clients, and the general public.

"Creating an Executive Newsroom" explains the elements of an effective newsroom, and how to think about the resources needed to run it efficiently. In addition, the seminar will guide you on how to craft a compelling story that gets your news and your firm noticed. You'll gain insight into what reporters, and their editors, need and what they look for to write a news story quickly using your content.

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Twitter for CEOsTM

How to Make Twitter part of your Executive and Corporate Newsroom to Provide Thought Leadership, Branding, Reputation and News

TWEETs – no other tool can provide such robust strategic communication management from thought leadership to personal information. Are you using Twitter to drive your company's branding, reputation and news?

Twitter for CEOs will show you how to use the flexibility of this tool across the spectrum of strategy. You'll learn how it fits into your executive and corporate newsroom and how this tool can be integrated into your strategic communications program.

This interactive session will cover:

  • Twitter basics
  • How Twitter establishes thought leadership
  • How it drives branding and reputation
  • Which CEOs are using Twitter in their strategic communications and how they apply it to provide thought leadership
  • How to best use Twitter tactics in building your corporate brand and reputation
  • Case studies of successful thought leadership and strategic communications strategies using Twitter
  • Resources you need in order to use Twitter in your corporate newsroom
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Pitch PerfectTM

How to Tailor Your Thought Leadership, Branding and News Outreach to Capture Interest and Build News Stories

How you pitch a story to the news media can make — or break — whether or not the story gets picked up. Maximize your success by understanding the news cycle, the newsroom, the different types and styles of writers, and how to tailor your outreach to best meet the needs of those writers.

This interactive session will cover:

  • The elements of a complete pitch
  • How to project your credibility and confidence in your story
  • Key principles of public relations that help sell your pitch
  • How to determine where your story fits in the news industry
  • How to position your story based on where it fits
  • Finding the right people who might be interested in your story
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