POSTED 03 November 2015 03 November 2015

ArcPoint Strategic Communications and Venture Café Launch Venture Café Presents, an Online Storytelling Video Series Designed to Spotlight Greater Boston’s Innovation Economy

The weekly video program, available on Venture Café and ArcPoint’s websites, highlights the stories of leaders in innovation, including entrepreneurs, investors and inventors.


POSTED 22 September 2015 22 September 2015

Christine Dunn to Present Pitch Perfect™ in a Webinar Hosted by Brandeis University’s Graduate Professional Studies Program

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 7 p.m., Christine Dunn, Founder and President of ArcPoint Strategic Communications, is leading a “Pitch Perfect” discussion in a webinar hosted by Brandeis University’s Graduate Professional Studies program. The webinar is open to the public.


POSTED 02 September 2015 02 September 2015

Allied Minds bolsters its boardroom roster again

TECH innovation group Allied Minds yesterday appointed venture capital veteran Joe Pignato as chief financial officer, the latest in a series of boardroom hires at the firm.

Pignato joins from US payments data processor Swipely, where he has been CFO since 2010.

Allied Minds chief executive Chris Silva said Pignato offered a “robust track record of managing and fostering early stage companies into financial stability and growth”.


POSTED 31 August 2015 31 August 2015

Solar-Sharing Start-up Shines

A new Boston company that’s being touted as the Airbnb of solar energy is providing the first solar-sharing network in the United States.

Yeloha allows anyone to go solar — even people who rent apartments, or own condos or homes with shady roofs. And unlike community-shared solar projects that use large, ground-mounted solar farms, Yeloha uses existing roofs, instead of taking over large, open spaces.


POSTED 28 August 2015 28 August 2015

PAX Prime 2015: Infinite Scuba Offers Realistic Scuba Diving Experience

Cascade Game Foundry (CGF) is excited to be exhibiting their Infinite Scuba simulation game at PAX Prime in Seattle on August 28-31, 2015. They are also thrilled to announce that they are one of 25 exhibitors at Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) @PAX on Sunday, August 30th at the Melrose Market Studios.

Infinite Scuba, a diving game that offers players a unique and relaxing experience of exploring real international dive sites, will be exhibiting at PAX with 7 additional game studios including Archive Entertainment, PlayEveryWare, Ludo Land, Escape Fuel, Stumbling Cat, Fat Loot Games, and Air Kingdoms, as well as the Washington Interactive Network.


POSTED 27 August 2015 27 August 2015

The race for the unbreakable password is almost over

What Ashley Madison needed was quantum cryptography.

The same could be said for the U.S. Office of Professional Management, Home Depot and Anthem Health Insurance, and any number of hacker targets in recent years…even PBS.

Quantum cryptography is the use of physics, specifically quantum mechanics, to build secret codes. It is so secure, so difficult to intercept, some call it unhackable. Banking, medical, business and government records around the world could be made secure from outside intruders.


POSTED 20 August 2015 20 August 2015

Caring Causes: Infinite Scuba/Mission Blue

Infinite Scuba is a family-friendly video game that enables players to experience the thrills, mysteries and beauty of diving in the Earth's oceans from their own home. It’s Indiana-Jones-meets-Jacques Cousteau: wildly fun, mysterious, and enlightening.


POSTED 12 August 2015 12 August 2015

Web's random numbers are too weak, researchers warn

The data scrambling systems used by millions of web servers could be much weaker than they ought to be, say researchers.

A study found shortcomings in the generation of the random numbers used to scramble or encrypt data. The hard-to-guess numbers are vital to many security measures that prevent data theft. But the sources of data that some computers call on to generate these numbers often run dry.


POSTED 27 July 2015 27 July 2015

Money-Saving Mondays: Solar Power

These days across New England, lots of people want solar energy, but don’t have the right roofs for it. And a lot of people with the right roofs for it don’t want to cost and hassle of buying, installing, and owning it.

Enter Boston-based Yeloha, a startup with a new vision for how to solve both problems –- by creating what they call a “solar sharing network’’ that connects people like Jasmine Leitzel of Boston and Jason Slater of Dedham, Mass.


POSTED 17 July 2015 17 July 2015

With This Airbnb For Energy, Now You Can Buy Solar Power From Your Neighbor

In the last six years, the price of solar power has fallen by at least 50%. And yet, for most Americans, that fact hardly matters, because they're not able to take advantage. Either their roof is facing the wrong way, there's too much shading from trees or other buildings, or they're renters rather than owners, so the decision isn't for them to make.

In the future, though, you may not need your own panel to participate in the solar boom. Instead, you might work out a relationship with someone else who has solar, using a sharing platform like Yeloha. A new site matching people with solar and people without solar, Yeloha is like Airbnb, except the excess capacity on offer isn't a room in someone's house, but spare cells on their roof.


POSTED 03 July 2015 03 July 2015

Fairfield Mercedes dealership hosts Mass. tech school students

Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield and the Universal Technical Institute in Norwood, Massachusetts, teamed up to host Future Tech Day. The event brought about 50 students and their parents to get an inside look at potential future careers and learn about working as a technician.


POSTED 03 July 2015 03 July 2015

Vinal Student from Durham Wins $10k Scholarship

Automotive students on team from Vinal Technology High School were awarded $20,000 in scholarships from Universal Technical Institute for winning first place in the Connecticut Ford/AAA Auto Skills state finals competition, an event designed to encourage young people to pursue careers as automotive service technicians.


POSTED 24 June 2015 24 June 2015

Tap Your Sources of Content: Finding Relevant Topics to Share with Your Audience is Easier than You Think

by Leslie Licano
BullDog Reporters’ Daily Dog (@BulldogReporter, #TheDogIsBack)
June 8, 2015

Communications professional Leslie Licano discusses the importance of keeping your organization relevant, and how to use content to gain this relevance in the eyes of customers and colleagues.


POSTED 18 June 2015 18 June 2015

Are we automating the death of public relations?

By Rachel Wingard (@Raychiller)
Cookerly PR (@CookerlyPR)
June 1, 2015

In her blog, Cookerly PR Account Supervisor Rachel Wingard discusses the company Automated Insights, and its new program, WordSmith, that automatically generates news stories. The program is currently in use developing sports and financial stories for the Associated Press and Yahoo.


POSTED 15 June 2015 15 June 2015

How to conduct a successful PR media tour

By Eri Mizobe (@emizobe)
PR Daily (@PRDaily)
June 1, 2015

PR executive Eri Mizrobe discusses the importance of reaching out to and maintaining a personal connection with journalists in her most recent article for PR Daily. While written in the context of doing a “media tour” and visiting multiple outlets and journalists in succession, Mizrobe’s comments apply in any context when sitting down with a journalist in person. She first stresses the important things to consider when preparing to meet the journalist in person. Do your research on who you’re going to meet – beat, background, interests, etc. Make sure you have enough points to discuss that will show your preparation and knowledge about the editor or journalist, as well as the publication they represent. Always be sure to schedule meetings at a convenient time, and follow up to confirm.


POSTED 10 June 2015 10 June 2015

ArcPoint in Forbes

We are thrilled that ArcPoint Strategic Communications is featured in Forbes magazine as a New England Women Business Leader! We've worked hard to build ArcPoint, and our team is amazing.


POSTED 10 June 2015 10 June 2015

Solar power without solar panels? Yeloha thinks it has an answer

Airbnb has made it fashionable to rent a room in a total stranger’s house. A Boston startup thinks it might be able to get people to do something similar with solar panels.

Yeloha, which opens its virtual doors to the public today, wants to pair up property owners in relatively sunny areas with consumers who are looking to buy renewable energy, but can’t get solar panels on their own roofs.


POSTED 08 June 2015 08 June 2015

Former Amgen CEO named to this tech development company's board

Boston-based Allied Minds, a U.S. science and technology development and commercialization company, announced Friday the appointment of Kevin Sharer, the former chairman and chief executive officer of California-based Amgen, to its board of directors.


POSTED 26 May 2015 26 May 2015

Scoring with Business Press

by Leslie Grant (@LeslieLGrant)
SHIFT Communications (@SHIFTComm)
May 26, 2015

In the latest SHIFT Communications corporate blog post, Senior Account Executive Leslie Grant shares a few of her best practices for how to land coverage in some of the premier business publications (such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Businessweek).


POSTED 20 May 2015 20 May 2015

5 Solar Innovations that are Revolutionizing the World

In her article for EcoWatch, writer Lorraine Chow highlights some of the newest companies to propose truly innovative ideas in the next phase of solar technology. She mentions Yeloha, a peer-to-peer solar sharing company, offering solar power to those who don’t even own solar panels. They have the opportunity to share energy with those who do, with both parties seeing a significant cost decrease.


POSTED 19 May 2015 19 May 2015

Tweets take flight in the Google App

Google Official blog (@google)
May 19, 2015

Starting Tuesday May 19, tweets began to show up in Google searches on mobile devices. This means that real-time content from Twitter is now searchable via Google’s search engine. The initial phase includes a launch in English only, and only for the Google mobile app and mobile browsers, but there are plans to expand to more languages and the desktop version.


POSTED 14 May 2015 14 May 2015

7 Tips for Managing a Corporate Twitter Account

By Farah Souhail (@Farah_Souhail)
Meltwater blog (@Meltwater)
May 12, 2015

Social media is an exciting component of the overall promotions strategy, but does not come without its challenges. In her step-by-step blog post, Farah Souhail, digital marketer for Meltwater, details the key points to consider when managing your corporate Twitter account.


POSTED 12 May 2015 12 May 2015

A Plain Truth About the Media Ecosystem

by Steve Goldstein (@SGoldsteinAI)
PR News (@PRNews)
May 11, 2015

In a recent PR News blog, Editorial Director Steve Goldstein discusses the state of traditional media outlets today, as shown in the results of a study conducted by Gorkana/DePaul University of 400 US-based financial journalists. The overall finding: traditional news media outlets (such as newspaper, TV, and magazines) are still extremely significant, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The study shows that the entire top ten ranking are financial journalists from newspaper, magazine or TV brands (that do also have a digital presence, as well).


POSTED 12 May 2015 12 May 2015

The AirBnB of Solar? Israeli Transplant Launches Solar Sharing Network

Boston-based Yeloha has launched a shared solar network business model that will open up the solar energy industry to everyone, including renters and others who don’t own or have access to solar panel space.

Yeloha’s model includes sun hosts, who will receive free PV panel installation, matched to sun partners, who will share in the energy produced by the sun hosts’ panels. Both parties will benefit from a cost savings. Sun hosts will also see a cost savings in their electric bill, ranging from 25 to 30 percent of the energy produced.


POSTED 11 May 2015 11 May 2015

Breaking: Journalist has Opinions on Public Relations

By Patrick Coffee (@PatrickCoffee)
AdWeek PR Newser (@PRNewser)
May 7, 2015

AdWeek’s Patrick Coffee examines the relationship between PR professionals and journalists in his latest PR Newser article. Specifically, he discusses the Editor & Publisher piece by Nu Yang calling PR professionals “PRedators” and examines the negativity surrounding the relationship between journalists and PR professionals. He then talks about the inundating PR press releases that journalists receive, but counters with the fact that that’s just a part of the business, and the nature of the relationship.


POSTED 07 May 2015 07 May 2015

Virtual Sunrise: Entrepreneurs See New Business Opportunities in Shared Solar

In her feature article, freelance writer Nora Caley discusses virtual net metering, the newest concept in solar energy, which includes all customers being able to take advantage of solar energy, and share the expense.

Caley references Boston-based Yeloha fitting into this model with their concept of solar sharing, bringing together people who can have solar panels installed, and those who cannot (due to space, cost, etc.) Sun hosts get free solar panel installation, and a 25% credit for all renewable energy generated by the system, while the sun partners will match with a sun host, sharing the energy and the cost.


POSTED 05 May 2015 05 May 2015

Leadership-Training Crisis: Millennials Report That the Biggest Shocker about the “Real World” is Lack of Training at Work

Edited by Richard Carufel (Source: BusinessWire)
BullDog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog (@BulldogReporter, #TheDogIsBack)
May 5, 2015

In his in-depth assessment, Richard Carufel of BullDog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog examines the recent Millenial Mindset Study of 1,200 full or part-time employed millenials (aged 18-33). In particular, he analyzes the statistic that “lack of company support for training and development” was identified by millennials as the most surprising aspect of “real world” work. In fact, 1 in 3 of the employed respondents seeks out training on their own, with 88% stating they are willing to personally invest to attain the skills needed to stay relevant in today’s workforce. The skills that millenials most identified as wanting to improve and build upon are project management, interpersonal communication and problem solving.


POSTED 01 May 2015 01 May 2015

Cyber Technology Transitions from the Lab to the Street

Whitewood Encryption Systems has licensed the Quantum Secured Communications (QSC), a quantum cryptography program, to further market and develop the quantum random number generator and quantum key management system.

This quantum encryption technology, offering speedier and more cost-effective cryptographic services with longer-term security, will be available to government and commercial clients by this summer.


POSTED 28 April 2015 28 April 2015

Tolland student Dodd wins $20k diesel mechanic scholarship

The Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Grave Digger Scholarship worth $20,000 (covering about half of the UTI diesel certification program tuition) was awarded to Tyler Dodd, 18. Dodd plans to use the award to gain certification and improve his education, while also possibly opening his own business someday.


POSTED 27 April 2015 27 April 2015

Leveraging Bruce Jenner: A Case Study in the Ethics of PR

by Steve Schonberg
Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog (@BulldogReporter)
April 27, 2015

In his article, Steve Schonberg of Krupp Kommunications (K2), discusses the recent pop culture story around celebrity Bruce Jenner and his gender identity public disclosure. He uses this story as an example for media professionals to more clearly define their role in such delicate subjects – where is the line between thoughtfully and productively contributing to the conversation, and exploiting the issue?


POSTED 23 April 2015 23 April 2015

How the Collaborative Economy is Impacting the Energy Sector

In his blog post, Jeremiah Owyang describes the phenomenon of a collaborative economy, in which technology provides the means by where people get what they need from each other. In particular, he discusses how this collaboration impacts solar energy, creation, storing and sharing. One of the examples he cites is Yeloha, a new network that encompasses solar energy sharing between sun hosts and sun partners, creating a link between neighbors – those that have solar panels, and those that cannot, for a variety of reasons.


POSTED 22 April 2015 22 April 2015

Allied Minds’ SciFluor banks $30M to get into the clinic

SciFluor Life Sciences, a Cambridge-based division of Allied Minds, has raised $30 million in funding to get its fluorine-based candidates into the clinical trial phase. The top two drugs are SF0166 (designed to combat age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema) and SF0034 (small-molecule therapy to treat epilepsy). The funding comes from the generosity of Invesco, Woodford Investment Management and Allied Minds.

SciFluor has also tapped William Koster to serve as chairman. Koster is the former Neurogen CEO and Bristol-Myers Squibb executive, who will work to lead SciFluor in the next stage of the company’s evolution.


POSTED 14 April 2015 14 April 2015

How a Brand Can Use Influencers to Target a New Niche

By Tamar Wienberg (@tamar)
The Future Buzz (@TheFutureBuzz)
March 30, 2015

Marketing professional Tamar Weinberg uses the recent launch of Hewlett-Packard’s X360 touch laptop to perfectly exemplify a strong, effective, customer-centric marketing campaign.


POSTED 13 April 2015 13 April 2015

To Hire a PR Firm, or Not to Hire a PR Firm

By Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich)
Spin Sucks (@SpinSucks)
April 13, 2015

As a start-up entrepreneur, when is it time to hire a PR firm to assist with your promotion and marketing communications? Spin Sucks author Gini Dietrich explores the answer to this question, detailing the relationship between entrepreneurs and PR professionals, using real-world examples of clients she’s encountered in her work. She concludes with a few simple tips to help both the entrepreneur and the PR professional identify the ideal working relationship.


POSTED 13 April 2015 13 April 2015

1366 Technologies, Yeloha Making Progress in Solar Energy

Yeloha, a Boston-based startup, has just launched in Massachusetts, its first domestic presence. Part of Generaytor, an Israeli-based solar company, Yeloha is working to create a “solar-sharing network” in which those unable to install their own solar power can borrow from those who do, with both parties benefiting from the cost savings. Carmel Ventures, an Israeli VC firm, led the round of funding for the US rollout, which includes a $3.5 million Series A round.


POSTED 08 April 2015 08 April 2015

OptioLabs Acquires Small Cybersecurity Firm Oculis Labs

OptioLabs, a mobile security and productivity company based out of Nashville, has purchased Maryland-based Oculis Labs, adding their security software products and intellectual products and patents to their offerings. The Oculis development team will also be incorporated, led by Dr. Bill Anderson, Oculis’ CEO, who will become the chief product officer at Optio.


POSTED 08 April 2015 08 April 2015

Optio Labs acquires small cybersecurity firm Oculis Labs

In an effort to expand their data security product offerings, cybersecuity firm Optio Labs has acquired Oculis Labs, a data privacy software company specializing in internal network threat protection. Optio CEO Gregg Smith said a desire to purchase Oculis Labs came from “its highly skilled employees and its security tools, which will complement Optio’s products”.


POSTED 07 April 2015 07 April 2015

The do’s and don’ts of social media pitching

by Jim Dougherty (@jimdougherty)
Originally published in PR Daily (@PRDaily) on March 31, 2015

In this article, PR Daily contributor and PRSA member Jim Dougherty details the statistics on journalists’ use of social media, and how/when it’s appropriate for PR professionals to interact with the media through the various channels.


POSTED 11 March 2015 11 March 2015

Public Relations on Social: 3 Journalists Reveal What Gets Their Attention

by Anna Washenko
Sprout Social
March 11, 2015

In an article appearing on Sprout Social, writer Anna Washenko discusses how journalists use social media, and what they’re looking for when being approached by PR professionals. She interviewed three journalists: Kim Lachance Shandrow, a senior writer for; Micah Singleton, a reporter at The Verge; and Laura Schaefer, cofounder of and contributor to SkilledUp,, MoneyMix and several other outlets.


POSTED 21 February 2015 21 February 2015

Newton’s Dr. Scott Goldberg joins Professional Ambulance

Dr. Scott Goldberg joins Professional Ambulance and Pro EMS Center for Medics as Associate Medical Director

Dr. Goldberg brings a considerable amount of EMS experience to his new role, working directly with paramedic students, as well as assisting Dr. Todd Thompsen, Medical Director. Dr. Goldberg also serves as the EMS Director at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Emergency Department.


POSTED 06 February 2015 06 February 2015

For video game designer Kathie Flood, no thongs, no gore

Infinite Scuba game designer Kathie Flood has created a world of history, marine life and dive science, all with a female avatar. In doing so, she hopes to present a positive female role model that inspires women to get involved in the gaming industry.


POSTED 01 February 2015 01 February 2015

New Dive Site for Infinite Scuba

Two additions now available for Infinite Scuba: a new Belize dive site and avatar Dr. Sylvia Earle, ocean explorer and conservationist

Cascade Game Foundry (CGF) Managing Director and Co-Founder Kathie Flood selected Dr. Earle as the next avatar based on her work as an ocean explorer and conservationist. Dr. Earle herself chose the new dive site in Belize, Glover’s Reef, a part of the Mesoamerican Reef.


POSTED 01 February 2015 01 February 2015

Tierney delivers UTI graduation speech

UTI-Norwood instructor and US Marine Corps veteran Ryan Tierney delivered the commencement speech at UTI-Norwood’s graduation ceremony on November 11, 2014.

Tierney has been an instructor at UTI since 2010, teaching five courses: electronic diagnostics, automotive brakes, automotive undercar, professional service writing, and power and performance. He also serves as Technical Team Leader (TTL) for the electronics diagnostics course.


POSTED 25 January 2015 25 January 2015

Universal Technical Institute’s Service Advisor Training focuses on ‘concern, cause and correction’

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) of Norwood, MA has added a new program to their automotive trade repertoire: service advisor training. In this program, students will learn effective and professional communication skills when dealing with customers.

The main principle is the three C’s: concern, cause and correction, says Chris O’Meara, instructor. The goal is to perpetuate a positive experience for the customer, which starts with the employee at the frontlines of the service department, dealing directly with the customer: the service advisor.


POSTED 25 January 2015 25 January 2015

Duty Calls; Afghanistan war veteran does double duty

Marine veteran Christopher Frazer is a student in the automotive mechanic training program at UTI in Norwood, MA. Frazer worked in aircraft rescue and firefighting during his four-year enlistment, serving in Afghanistan in 2011.

Frazer originally enlisted to become a mechanic, and pursued this interest after his honorable discharge, in addition to an elective nine-week Nissan automotive technician training. He also works part-time in the Freedom Trail Lounge, UTI’s new venture to work with student veterans on navigating VA benefits and scholarships, as well as helping with general personal issues.


POSTED 21 January 2015 21 January 2015

Iowa game developer has tips for startups

Game developer Kathie Flood has started her own gaming company, Cascade Game Foundry, producing the undersea adventure game Infinite Scuba. The desire came after establishing a career in gaming at Microsoft in the early 90’s. In the article, Flood details the challenges of starting her own company, and the “huge learning curve” she and her associates encountered when learning the ins and outs of running your own company.


POSTED 21 January 2015 21 January 2015

How a New Coating Could Enable Tinier Electronics in the Body

Ann Arbor, MI based Biotectix has developed Amplicoat, a new, more resilient conductive polymer electrode coating. This groundbreaking new technology will allow for the development of smaller, implantable medical devices.


POSTED 10 January 2015 10 January 2015

Conductive Coating for Medical Devices

Biotectix, LLC, a developer of medical device conductive coatings, has worked with SurModics Inc. to develop Amplicoat, a new conductive coating designed to enhance communication at the interface between human tissue and a medical device’s electrode. Amplicoat enables device electrode miniaturization, offering higher numbers of electrodes for a given-sized lead or device and providing greater tissue-sensing resolution as well as more localized stimulation control. The coating enables higher signal fidelity lower power requirements and reduced stimulation thresholds.


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