Frank Pobutkiewicz is the Founder of Whiteboard Youth Ventures and program director of the All-American Model United Nations programs. In his discussion with Venture Café Presents host Christine Dunn, Frank discussed the benefits of international team-based competitions in supporting student leaders and entrepreneurs.

After helping to run a Model UN conference in Beijing, Frank wanted to pursue opportunities to bring US students overseas to participate in the international competitions, engage with their peers in other countries, and discuss international issues to expose the students to the commonalities among people through the unique cross-cultural experience.

“All-American Model United Nations students develop hard skills such as public speaking and writing, and soft skills such as leadership and communication, all of which are critical for students looking towards college and their futures,” said Frank. The topics they are asked to discuss at the Model UN competitions “range from humanitarian issues to security issues and students need to be prepared to debate the social, economic, and political at a global level.”

Through All-American Model United Nations, Frank is helping to create a generation of students who are well versed in global issues and equipped to engage with the world through public diplomacy.

These days, the other side of global diplomacy is accomplished through business ventures. Whiteboard Youth Ventures is a entrepreneurship and business competition program similar to the Model UN competition and is “a way to engage students from around the world on a common project.”

Whiteboard Youth Ventures offers a week-long summer entrepreneurship boot camp and competition for high school students from around the world, including the US, Europe, Latin America, China, and India. The students are divided into teams with a mentor, and they then work together to come up with an idea, create a business plan, and make their pitch to a full audience that includes judges who are successful entrepreneurs. It’s a program designed to give students amazing opportunities to learn from each other in a multi-cultural environment and from entrepreneurs who have nurtured new business ventures.

Through both of his organizations, Frank is offering students opportunities to learn from each other in cross-cultural environments, open their eyes to global possibilities, and carry what they have learned into their futures in college and career.

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